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NEON Smart Thermostat

NEON's simple and beautiful thermostat provieds an easy way to smarten your heating system.

If you are using a thermostat right now, you will just have to unplug the old one and install the NEON Smart Thermosat in 10 minutes and you are ready! This smart toll will allow you to control your home temperature from anywhere, What’s more, by easily applying modes and rules which enables the system’s to make decisions based on weather, people’s location or your daily routine will not only create a more comfortable way of living, it cuts your bills by *20%!

*based on our tests&research in 2016


NEON Smart Power Strip

Turns your everyday analogue devices into smart ones.

With this powerful device, you can attach a wide range of household and other electric devices to your new smart home system. Attach coffee machines, lights, heat or cooler fans, toasters, kettles, humidifiers and dehumidifiers or any other devices for controlling them, while adding fridges, freezers, computers and other “always-on” devices for smart metering and getting notified when they are down!
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NEON Smart Home Center

The Home Center is the soul of our system.

The Smart Home Center is the most important member of the product family. It runs the whole 169 Mhz system like the leader of an orchestra, encrypts and stores all the data which needed for its users, communicates with your smart phones, makes it possible to attach third-party Z-Wave devices, keeps you safe, yet updated about the relevant events around the household. It can even operate without electricity for a while to inform you that something happened. You won’t need third party cloud servers, cause the Home Center is alway available.
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NEON Smart Power Switch

Smartening every part of your home.

This device is so tiny that you can install it to pretty much to any electric circuit in your home environment like your lighting, electric heating, garage door or any other wires, then you will be able to monitor the consumtion of the device on the other end, while being able to switch them from your phone or automatically. Combined with the Wall Switch, NEON’s smart switching system is really special and powerful in the smart home market.
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NEON Smart Wall Switch

Forget cables. They're so 20th century.

It is the tiniest device of the product family. You are able to attach it to any kind of wall switch models in the world with 4 simple wires. If you combine it with a Light Power Switch,you won’t need cables between the switched device or lighting and the wall switch itself. You can attach it to Power Strips as well, then you will be able to control your desktop and night lights, or any other electric device with standard wall switches – still, without cables!
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NEON Smart CO Sense

Keeping your family safe. All the time.

NEON’s CO sensor is a clinical device for your home security if you are heating with any type of gas or coal, or live in an area where smog level could be criticial. This device is constantly monitoring your home’s air, detecting flue and carbon-monoxyde values, and when it could be nearing the level of danger, you will be notified and alarmed for the danger, no matter what part of the planet you are currently at. NEON’s 3 level of hazard allows you to act before something wrong could even happen.
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Smart Home Kits

NEON Starter Kit

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Start with a few devices. Experience the awesomess. Purchase many more.

1x Home Center
1x Smart Thermostat
1x Smart Power Strip

NEON Extended Kit

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Get a full Plug'n'Play kit and enjoy!.

1x Home Center
1x Smart Thermostat
2x Smart Power Strip
1x Smart CO Sense

NEON Lighting Kit

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Want a really usable smart lighting system? Ready. Install. Here you go!

1x Home Center
2x Smart Power Strip
2x Smart Wall Switch
2x Light Power Switch