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NEON Smart Home is a Hungarian IoT startup company founded in 2014, developing an easy to use smart home system from scratch with an own, safe wireless communication protocol. The product family covers all the main areas of smart home technology (heating, electricity, security, smart metering) and works with Android and iOS applications as a user interface. The company has partnerships to produce and sell its products to several countries by now.

As our CEO is an expert of Cyber Security with 20+ years experience, the system itself is designed to minimize any risk of leaked data or invalid user presence from the starting stage of the project. Our team could be asked about any Internet of Things related questions including user experience, security, industry future or system models. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in the topic of smart homes, we will be happy to help!

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Tech Open-Air Berlin 2016
We presented together with 3 other Hungarian startups to represent the Hungarian National Tradehouse’s technology section. Our part was not a pitch though – the audience could have deepered their knowledge about IoT smart home system’s user experience, as our Head of Product Development held a presentetion dedicated to the topic.
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Web Summit 2015
We were there, exhibited, took part in competitions, made awesome business and customer connections. It was our product family’s first full presentation (on the 2nd day @Machineria stage, and went pretty well. We came back with hundreds of new contacts, and a huge dose of new input on the products themselves.
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International Telecommunication Union – ITU Conference 2015
Our first ever product presentation. Took part in the conference where we met technology experts, telco industry stakeholders to make new business connections and discuss about the connected future of telecommunication and smart home technology.
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Mobile Hungary 2016
Our Head of Product Development held a presentation about Saving Money with Smart Home Systems. The audience and the event itself was really great, and helped to gain more connections & customers in the local area.
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Internet Hungary 2015
The company competed for the Startup of The Year 2016 competition and was awarded with Special Prize, after our CEO’s pitch and convinced the jury of startup experts. We are proud of that! 🙂
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